Me, my paints and I 

I wish I had the time and freedom to grab my paints and just go. 

The truth is that I am a wife and a mom of a three year old and that my time is limited. Very limited. It is a blessing to have the support of my family and friends to do what I do  now. I enjoy being around my love ones and creating art. Taking care of my family and keep a balance with my art is a lot of work, but the satisfaction is totally worth it.  It is Inexplicable. 

When we moved to New York City, I discovered the NYC Urban Sketchers and what a great experience is to sketch and paint outdoors!. I really love taking my art supplies, sit outside to enjoy the view and try to capture real live movements. 

If you feel curious to paint in watercolors, I motivate you to embrace the place where you live and just let the colors create for you. You don’t need to have any experience or the best supplies out there, try with student level supplies and I guarantee that you’ll end up with a great experience. All it takes is practice and more practice. We all started from zero.  

Washington Square Park, NY
New York Botanical Garden


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